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    We’ve reblogged Jaime's Moebius tribute before and we'll probably do it again

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    Unpublished pantomime gag strip by Harvey Kurtzman, circa 1950.


  5. entrecomics:

    Notes about the lettering of foreign editions of Maus, by Art Spiegelman.

  6. beatonna:

    Here is a sketch comic I made called Ducks, in five parts.

    Part One

    Part Two

    Part Three

    Part Four

    Part Five

    Ducks is about part of my time working at a mining site in Fort McMurray, the events are from 2008.  It is a complicated place, it is not the same for all, and these are only my own experiences there.  It is a sketch because I want to test how I would tell these stories, and how I feel about sharing them.  A larger work gets talked about from time to time.  It is not a place I could describe in one or two stories.  Ducks is about a lot of things, and among these, it is about environmental destruction in an environment that includes humans.  Thank you for taking the time to read it.


  7. sorenmosdal:

    Extracts from the danish version of FIMBULVINTER, out the 3rd of april on
    Aben Maler: http://abenmaler.dk/

  9. annabd:

    "L E A T H E R" 
    short comic, March 2014

  10. knivknep:

    How the world works. 

  11. fantagraphics:


    Cover by Jaime Hernandez from the forthcoming Love & Rockets: New Stories #7. 

    Final art may vary. More on our Fall 2014 releases tomorrow!

    Det er Maggie og Hopey! Hvornår bliver det efterår?

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    Sweet Spandy, we love you.

    Oh, Spandy died, how sad.

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    • ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
  15. comicsreporter:

    Dan Clowes hates ALL the days

    (Clowes with Caitlin McGurk at Billy Ireland Cartoon Library; taken from here)

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